After School Spanish Program 2017-2018 School Year


Back to school for the 2017 – 2018 school year means back to continuing with your children’s bilingual education. This new school year promises to be better and more rewarding year than last.

We have may students that are becoming bilingual faster, and enjoying the program more.  One of our top students has even earned a gold medal in the 400 meter junior olympics. This is due to the dedication of parents, students and teachers alike. We strive for excellence, an international minded spirit and we do not forget that learning is fun and rigorous.

This will be a year filled with activities for learning about the Spanish language, the culture of Spanish speaking countries, it is about communicating and understanding each other in this increasingly international and complex world.

Learning a second language has been proven to teach critical thinking and higher math skills since the student is using the same side of the brain.



Your student will get an appreciation for being internationally minded. She/he will focus on various activities designed to instill confidence when communicating in another language and with peoples of other cultures.  The activities will teach your student to start speaking from day one. Acquiring Spanish or any other second language is accomplished not only in a classroom setting, but also with songs, listening to the radio and TV, watching videos, playing,  singing, performing small skits, reading, writing, art and paiting,

Students will engage  in conversation with small groups, enjoy the aroma of different foods, exploring the geography of  Spanish countries and how it relates to the rest of the world.

Comparing the English language to the Spanish language is a very good way for a student to learn the second language as well as to reinforce his or her own native language.


  • Spanish Conversation
  • Games in Spanish
  • Music to learn Spanish by
  • Culture sessions
  • Movies, videos
  • Reading, writing
  • Painting, acting, dancing sessions

Venue: 2770 Main Street,Frisco Texas, 75033

Cost: $240 per month per student, 10% discount for 2nd student.

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