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THE IMPORTANCE OF ACCENT REDUCTION-How to be understood when speaking ESL-English as a Second Language

      Accent reduction for non-native English speakers is of supreme importance. Accent reduction is not difficult, but it takes time, concentration, and practice commitment. It also takes working with an expert and experienced coach or teacher. If you are taking and learning English as a Second Language or ESL classes, an “Accent Reduction” […]

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The Biggest Advantage You Can Give Your Child

GIVE YOUR CHILD THE SKILL WITH THE BIGGEST ADVANTAGE   A senior executive at a global investment bank was asked. “What is the most important skill for today’s students to learn, so they are prepared to succeed in the new global economy? The executive replied “empathy” the ability to understand and respect different cultural points […]

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THE WORLD IS AT WAR YES we are at war, a different kind of war and this is not the kind of war that the news media relishes on. In this world war we do not have young people dying or families being displaced. In this world war we do not have politicians giving orders from […]

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