The Biggest Advantage You Can Give Your Child

GIVE YOUR CHILD THE SKILL WITH THE BIGGEST ADVANTAGE   A senior executive at a global investment bank was asked. “What is the most important skill for today’s students to learn, so they are prepared to succeed in the new global economy? The executive replied “empathy” the ability to understand and respect different cultural points […]

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THE WORLD IS AT WAR YES we are at war, a different kind of war and this is not the kind of war that the news media relishes on. In this world war we do not have young people dying or families being displaced. In this world war we do not have politicians giving orders from […]

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I just attended the TAMACC conference (Texas Association of Mexican American Chambers of Commerce) which was held in Irving Texas this past two days.  There is a great value in attending State wide conferences, where you will meet State of Texas Congressmen, entrepreneurs, attorneys, US Department of Commerce key personnel, other influential people and just […]

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