OUR 2021 SPANISH SCHEDULE is designed to be flexible to your working hours. Tell us your preference, we will work hard to meet it.

We have classes for you mornings, afternoons, evenings and Saturdays 

Using the latest language technology we deliver online classes that get results

Face to face classes are limited to 4 students  per classroom with our Directors approval.

WLS uses the CEFR (Common European Frame of Reference) for the teaching of languages.

Our standard rate is $4o per classroom hour


Beginner Spanish for  Professionals 

Course Description  Level A1

After completing this level you will be able to  interact in a simple way

At this level you are building a basic vocabulary such as basic greetings, numbers, names of everyday artifacts and living and working.

I can recognise familiar words and very basic phrases concerning myself, my family and immediate concrete surroundings when people speak slowly and clearly.

You will also be able to ask and answer simple questions in Spanish in areas of immediate need or on very familiar topics.


Our standard rate is  $40 per hour.  

 Intermediate Spanish  for Professionals  

B1 level

B2 Level 

Advanced Spanish  for Professionals  

C1 level 

C2 level