Meet the Education Team

Prof. Carlos Roncal, Founder & CEO

 Prof. Roncal’s mission is to bring learning, understanding, and appreciation of international  commerce  through the learning of languages, cultures and global business systems. Professionals are able to upskill and reskill, school and university students are able to learn a new key skill to be able to be accepted into top universities and be offered top positions in top global, local companies and institutions  

Prof. Roncal is a seasoned global citizen who treats our world as a delicate place that has to be conserved and passed on to future generations. Today he continues to share his love for learning by teaching the advanced classes for ESL, English as a Second Language, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Japanese. He recognizes the importance of pairing students and teachers effectively for optimal potential growth.

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Ms. Beth R. – Director of Career Development 

We are very proud to have Ms. Beth as our “Gap Year” international career coach and advisor.  With her expertise, we can counsel students and professionals in career preparation, career change, and career move at the local and international levels.

Beth is a certified teacher with profound career experience in education; she is the author of the book “7 Doors In”, which chronicles her experiences teaching in a maximum-security penitentiary. Her success in teaching in a maximum prison has led her story to be optioned and developed into a scripted feature film. 

Beth earned a B.S. degree in Mathematics from Michigan Technological University and M.A.E. degree in Administrative Supervision and Instruction from Northern Michigan. 


Ms. Camila L.  –  German Teacher 

Originally from La Paz Bolivia, Ms. Camila is now based in Spain and is our beginner, intermediate, and advanced German teacher. She has successfully prepared students to pass the German Citizenship Exam administered by the German Government which consists of 300 questions. Based in Europe, Ms. Camila directs our German Online Program.

She earned a MAS degree in Languages and speaks fluent German, Spanish, English, and Catalan.
Ms.Camila is also involved in our translations, interpretations, and localization areas.
We are very proud to have Ms. Camila as one of our top linguists. 

Ms. Francesca C. – Italian Teacher, Translator,  Interpreter 

Ms. Francesca has an advanced degree in linguistics and is a certified translator and interpreter for English, Italian and French. Originally from Victoria, Italy, Ms. Francesca is a young promising language professional.

She attended the International University of Languages and Media in Milano, Italy. IULM is a well-know Center of Excellence for languages, tourism, and the enhancement of cultural heritage.

She traveled to Wales to perfect her English skills and is fully trilingual in English, Italian, and French Welcome, Francesca, our newest addition to World Language Schools teaching and translating staff

Mr. Terence G. – International Arts Department 

International Film – Video – Video Game, TV Production, and Localization Teacher 

Mr. Terence will be teaching our beginning and intermediate international film, video, and video game production, and identifying our student’s talent for these arts. 

Mr. Terence is the CEO and Co-Owner of TnG Films LLC and Black Ink Pictures LLC. His uncanny eye with versatility and flair has led him to successfully direct numerous cross-genre projects, which include music videos, branded commercials, feature-length films, He has a B.A. in Computer Science from City University of New York Graduate Center, and Certification in Film, Video and Television Directing, New York University.


Ms. Rita Z. – Mandarin Teacher

Ms. Rita brings eight years of experience teaching from China as a Corporate HR Trainer to our team.  Her teaching philosophy emphasizes helping students forget they’re in a classroom environment. Ms. Rita’s teaching style is natural, fun, and relaxing.  Students will dynamically learn Mandarin by playing games, listening to songs, painting, and watching movies.


Camila N. = Spanish-English
Ms Haley N. Spanish English-

Camila joined World Language Schools late last year and she immediately started contributing to our ESL and Spanish faculty. She is a native of Costa Rica and she speaks English as a native since she was educated in a private American School in San Jose. She also spent a year in Norway studying, she therefore qualifies as a World Citizen

Her teaching focuses on overcoming the physiological obstacles of learning new languages, the cultural adaptation that comes with learning them and to make the process dynamic and exciting for students.

Haley is the latest addition to our Languge Faculty team at World Language School

A native of DFW, Haley recently graduated from Vanderbilt University with a B.A. in Second Language Studies, Spanish, and Psychology, and an M.Ed in English Language Learners. A lifelong language learner, Haley studies Spanish, Korean, Mandarin, and ASL, and has taught English in Spain and Thailand. She is TEFL certified, and her teaching style focuses on communicative competence. Haley’s goal is for her students to leave her classes feeling confident and comfortable using the language they’ve studied. is also a brand new addition to World Language Schools-Frisco.