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Bilingual Staffing

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Bilingual Staffing

We train and find bilingual professionals and as such we can help you find  the right bilingual person. We work with administrative professionals as well as with very specialized bilingual executives in all professions.

Our services consist of testing and assessing the candidate to ascertain that your candidate is truly a qualified bilingual professional.

We guarantee the candidate we find you for a term of 1 year. If such candidate does not work for you we will find you another with your approval.

Many companies understand that training a current employee to become bilingual is a better option in the long term.

We can train one or more of your employees to become bilingual professionals in Spanish or any of  7 other languages

Our placement fees are 10% of the employees first year salary.

Place call our Director Prof. Carlos Roncal directly at his mobile number 469-400-4787