Directors Resume – Dr. Yiang Kim

Caelyn Kim. PROFESSOR, Ph.D.
Director – Center for Asian Languages and Culture
World Language Schools
Phone: 469-400-4787

• Ph.D., Serbian contemporary literature, University of Belgrade, 1998
• M.A., Serbian contemporary literature, University of Belgrade, 1995
• B.A., South Slavic Studies, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, 1992

First Asian-born Ph.D. in the former Yugoslavia. Interpreted at the Summit Level Meeting. Educator over 20 years of experience, journalist, translator, interpreter, and planner of research projects and publications. Published over 65 books and articles in Korea and in the former Yugoslavia.


• Education • Literature Research • Translating
• Interpreting • Planning Projects • Editing Books
Serbian / Croatian Language literature.
Korean Language and Literature

World Language Schools – Frisco Texas USA Jan 2017 – Present
Director – Center for Asian Languages and Culture
• Coordinates, promotes, conducts, and supports all the Schools programs in Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese languages and culture
• Directs all interpretation and translation efforts for Mandarin Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese.
• Develops curriculum for language and culture courses in collaboration with the Schools Director
UBC (University of British Columbia), Vancouver, CANADA
Honorary Visiting Professor
• Department of Central, Eastern and Northern European Studies
• The youngest Honorary Visiting Professor
HUFS (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies), Seoul, KOREA
• Department of South Slavic Studies
• Conducted student evaluations.
• Researched theory of literature and Serbian/Croatian literature.
Dr. Kim’s research emphasizes the continuation and harmony of the classical tradition in modern literature. Besides scholarly interests, Dr. Kim has published and lectured widely and conducted many workshops on educational issues.
• Taught courses as follows: What is Literature?, National Literature, Minority and Literature in it, Society & Culture of Balkan Europe, Cinema & Culture, Seminar on Yugoslav Studies, History of Serbian/Croatian Language Culture, History of Serbian Literature, Yugoslav Contemporary Literature, Practice in Serbian/Croatian Reading, Method in Serbian/Croatian Translation, Business Serbian/Croatian, and so forth.

Various Venues, Korea, Croatia, Slovenia, Makedonia, Bosnia and Serbia
• Interpreted the fields of culture, art, science and economy.
• Organized and interpreted for the CEO of World Broadcasting Association in Korea
• The Summit level meeting with the Serbian president in Serbia
• The Summit level meeting with the Croatian president in Korea

Writer / Translator
Has published over 65 books, articles and reviews on subjects that include scholarly investigations of poetry, short stories, translation theory, fantasy and novels. A translator of modern Korean, Serbian and Croatian literature.
Has been co-editor of Journal of World Literature since 1999.
• Wrote “The Series of the World Writers: Ivo Andrić” and others in Korea.
• Wrote “Istočne i zapadne kulture u delu Ive Andrića” and others in Serbia.
• Translated “The Bridge on the Drina” and others in Korea.
• Translated “The Sense of the Life: The Anthology of the Korean Modern Poetry” and others in Serbia.

Institute of Foreign Literature, Seoul, KOREA
Research Professor / Head Researcher
• Served as a Head Researcher and an Editor of the Journal of World Literature
• Organized international conferences and symposium.
• Planned research project and publication.
• Edited Academic journal .
As a professor and a chief, Dr. Kim has fostered the development of an interdisciplinary curriculum that connects the arts with the humanities, critical with creative thought, theory with practice, and the Institute and the University with the local communities.
Dr. Kim has played a key role in the development of a global humanities program designed to foster international understanding in Korea.

The Korean Association of Central & Eastern European and Balkan Studies, Seoul
General Manager
• The Korean Association of Central & Eastern European and Balkan Studies
• Organized international conferences and symposium.

KBS(Korea Broadcasting System), Seoul
Columnist / Writer
• Wrote scripts and planned TV programs.
• Wrote an article in the program, .

Coordinator of Program / Translator
• Planned TV cultural programs, coordinated and translated.

Faculty of Philology, Belgrade University, Belgrade
Visiting Professor
• Has Taught the Korean language and culture.


• Got Grants from the Korea Literature and Translation Institute
• Got Grant from the Daesan Foundation
• Got Grants from the Korea Research Foundation
• Got Grant for the Leading professor by the Korea Research Foundation
• Got Achievement award from the Serbian Embassy (2008)
• Nominated for the Best translator for “The Bridge on the Drina” by The Dong-A Ilbo (2005)

In Korea and in Serbia
• Has Published 65 books and articles.