Do you often ask yourself this question about learning a second language? Or for that matter for learning any other skill or profession?

If the answer is yes then you are on the right path for reaching your goal to learn French, German, Chinese, Italian or Spanish.

After 30 plus years of teaching and learning languages I still ask that question of my students and I help them discover the answer. As intelligent human beings we all have the capability to “learn”.

Yes we have to start with that notion that we all can learn and we need to continue to learn all our lives and become “lifelong learners” as I tell all my students.

Learning a foreign language is like learning any other skill. The difference is that one has to know the details and the nuances of what it takes to learn a language.

At my language school, World Language Schools how I determine if you have a talent for learning a language is by finding out certain key reasons and needs that you have. These I find by interviewing you and every single prospective student personally.

You have a talent for learning a language if you have the commitment of time to give it the work that it takes to learn French or your target language

You have the talent if you have a compelling reason, desire and interest to learn.  My first question is going to be. Do you need a language for travel, business, work or because you always wanted to learn Spanish or Italian.

You have the talent if you have previously visited another country, continent or have relatives or ancestors that come from somewhere else around the world than Texas.

Noticed that I have not said anything about money or financial resources, because if you have the above three talents then you are talented and the money and the investment that you need will come about naturally. So go ahead and make that new years resolution and enroll in a language class at a college, school or find a great tutor.

Prof. Carlos Roncal

December 2018