To facilitate communication between people speaking different languages we use interpreters.  Our interpreters are experienced, certified professionals ready to help you in any industry or profession such as health care, law, sports, conventions, hospitality and others

Interpretation is turning the spoken word into another language. This is different from “translations” which refers to the written word.

When providing your company with interpretation services, we maintain the same quality standards as we have for translations of the written word.

We have over 10 years of providing interpretation services in Spanish, Portuguese, French, Arabic and Russian.

As the official interpreter for the World Cup Prof . Roncal was certified by FIFA to provide interpretation services in Spanish, Portuguese and French for communications between non English speaking coaches and the US and other international media companies.

Our Russian interpreter Olga Ermakova a certified Russian interpreter was the international project manager at Iowa State University. In this capacity Olga provided translation, interpretation and other international services to Russian and other international delegations visiting the USA.

In 2013 we provided voice over, translations and interpretation to the Spanish language to a  Restaurant Training Company in Frisco, Texas. We also translated and added Portuguese captions to a video that was used by an oil company out of Fort Worth, Texas at a trade show in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

We conducted a telemarketing campaign in Spanish for a international marketing consulting company out of Dallas Texas.

We have the talent, actors. voices and certified translators and interpreters needed to produce commercials, videos, documents and other marketing material in other languages.