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eLearn a Language

eLearning is a high tech term for describing learning online, it is also called distance learning. eLearning is fun and easy, all

you need is a high speed internet connection, a web camera, and a set of headphones with a good microphone.

Our online learning classes use the latest in technology such as visual aids, multimedia and sophisticated voice recognition software.  We have launched and are using the latest software tools such as our own proprietary systems, Tell Me More and Wiziq.

Online learning was not possible about 10 years ago. Due to advances in technology you are now able to use and take advantage of this method of learning.

eLearning a language gives you several advantages over learning in the classical classroom style

1. You can learn at your own pace and style

2. You have access to your classes 24 hours a day 7 days a week

3. Your curriculum is personalized and created based on your actual knowledge and proficiency in the language

With over 20 years of teaching, learning and researching languages online via different e-learning platforms we are happy to offer training in conversation, understanding, reading and writing in all the major languages.