LSP- Language Services Provider

What is an LSP or Language Services Provider 
An LSP is a company or institution that provides language instruction, translation, interpretation and localization services. These services are used by students that would like to learn, companies that are doing business with other diversity groups in the USA and other countries. World Language Schools LSP is proud to be a player in this $56 Billion industry world wide. 
World Language Schools is proud to announce the appointment of Ms Mariuxi G. as a Project Manager for our Language Services Providers group. In this position Mariux will be coordinating all the aspects of our clients major projects in translating. interpreting and localizing their projects.
We welcome Mariuxi and wish her success. Here is a short description in her own words
“I began working as a freelancer translator + interpreter. I worked for Intersource Interpreter Services and One Dialog as a freelancer helping patients, doctors, QRC’s and attorneys in everything related to car accidents and workers compensation. I also helped parents and teachers during the parents conferences. I have a bachelor degree in Finances and a masters degree in Human Resources in Change Leadership. I have been working in the healthcare industry for the past 15 years in where I used my bilingual skills on the daily. I am passionate about languages and communication and this is the reason why I’m currently taking Portuguese classes as the third. 
I recently moved to Texas from Minnesota. I’m very excited and ready to start a new journey in where I would like to put my knowledge and experience in the benefit of the people that have a language barrier. The life and job opportunities that I have through life, make me discover the passion that I have to work with and for people.”Wa

Mariauxi Garcia