Mandarin Chinese for Home Schools

This program was specifically created for Home Schooling parents and Home Schooling Groups.

Course Description:

Our Chinese classes are taught by native Chinese teachers that are certified and experienced in teaching Chinese.

You will have a teacher assigned to a small class of maximum 5 students.

This course will teach your student the basics of conducting a conversation with a Chinese speaker. Your student will be able to carry a basic conversation within the first 3 months. More advanced conversation skills will be gained by the end of the students Chinese II course. There will be enough grammar material to be able to form correct conversations. We do not spend a lot time filling in the blanks from workbooks.
The student will also learn good pronunciation from native speakers teacher and by listening and singing songs, short rhymes and poems.

Mandarin Chinese I
Our online course offers the same curriculum as the in the classroom course.
This course is divided into 2 semesters each 4 sessions each

Mandarin Chinese II
This is a continuation of Chinese I, with more advanced conversation, reading, writing and increased pronunciations verbal exercises.