Rio Negro, Antioquia, Colombia

Our first international language center is located in Colombia, in the State of Antioquia, Rio Negro municipality (municipio)

It is 10 minutes from the Medellin Juan Maria Cordoba International airport. It is currently run by Prof. Carlos Roncal and staffed by capable teachers and administrators. We offer English as a Second Language (ESOL) to children working adults and university students. We are proud to use the Cambridge University Touchstone methodology which is widely used method in Colombia with learning institutions such as the Colombo Americano, Universidad Católica, EAFIT and Universidad de Antioquia.

Rio Negro is a city of eternal spring with temperatures ranging from 65 to 82 degrees farenheit all year long. The city is also a major world exporter of beautiful flowers which are grown in the area such as La Ceja, Guarne, and Marinilla