Spanish for Business Professionals

  1. As a Professional you will go through the following levels to achieve a goal of B1 level and be ready to speak Spanish at a proficient level
A1 (Beginner)


After this class you will be able to do a self-introduction and respond to simple questions such as, “Where are you from?” or, “How old are you?” As long as the other person talks slowly and clearly, you will also be able to interact using isolated words or short phrases. 

A2 (Elementary)
After finishing the A2 level you will have a basic grasp of the Spanish language. You will be able to communicate using full sentences, you will have a wider array of vocabulary words, and common expressions related to topics that are simple and relevant to your listener. For example you will be able to  speak and answer questions about your  family or places in your  neighborhood, although you might still require others to speak slowly during a conversation.


This course was specifically created for business owners, professionals and staff that need to communicate with customers, employees and others.
You will learn conversation, and will be able to  communicate verbally and in writing, using terms and vocabulary specific to business.This course was developed by Prof. Roncal and the curriculum is very specific for business purposes.
This course is for business professionals and staff in most businesses as well as  service oriented businesses.
After taking these  courses and reaching the B1 level  you will be able to speak and communicate in Spanish during any business situation,  and at any time of the day
This course includes video lessons, power point lessons, exercises, activities and quizzes on: Customer and client greetings, explaining your business, employees and staff, customer service, customer disputes, communicating with your supervisor and manager.


Times are flexible to fit the schedule of your company and employees

Classes are conducted at our school, online or on a blended methodology. PRICE 

Tuition is $45 per hour. Talk to your advisor for your program

School address is:

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Prof. Carlos has been teaching Spanish to business professionals in industries such as restaurants, hotels, construction companies, teachers, medical, attorneys, salespeople, business people and other professionals for more than 20 years. He is a certified language teacher in the State of Missouri and the State of Texas.