World Language Schools

The Center for Asian Languages & Culture

The Center for Asian Languages and Culture is an Academic Branch of World Language Schools dedicated to sharing, spreading and receiving knowledge for everything related to culture, languages and business in the Asian continent.

Directed by Professor Jihyan Kim, The Center offers many of the resources needed for students, business and organizations interested in Asia. If you are learning an Asian Language, studying the Asian culture or doing business in Asia, then we are your resource, facilitator and collaborator in your endeavor
We offer the following
Culture classes
Living in an Asian country
Living in the US as an Asian Immigrant
Understanding the culture of Asian countries
The culture of the United States for Asian Businesses
Language Classes
Mandarin Chinese
TOEFL preparation for university students
International Business
Doing business in Korea
Doing business in China
Doing business in Japan
Doing business in the USA
Exchange Programs
Study in an Asian country
Teach English in an Asian country
Study in the USA
Please contact Prof. Kim at or call the school at 469-400-4787