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Translations and Interpretations

Language is the very core of every culture in any place in the world. World Language Schools is in the business of facilitating communications around the world. We understand translating the written word such as documents, marketing material, websites, multimedia and videos. These are all part of the services we provide to you.

Interpretation is the conversion of the spoken, verbal language to another language. Many people confuse translating with interpreting. Interpreting can be simultaneous as the speaker is presenting. Consecutive translating, with the speaker pausing after every idea, is presented to give the interpreter a chance to convert such ideas into the target language.

In 2013, in Dallas Texas, we translated a large website for a service company in Houston, Texas. Translations are not just the conversion of words into another language. Our main goal is to maintain the essence of the message that is being projected from one language to the other. Only a human translator can double read a paragraph and decide that the message being sent is kept intact with the new translation.

We have provided interpretation services in Dallas, Houston and Austin, Texas for churches, international events in Chinese, Russian and other languages

If you need any of the above services please give us a contact our Founder directly at 469-400-4787 and we will gladly solve your foreign language communication needs.