Language is at the very core of every culture in any place around the world. 

World Language Schools is in the business of facilitating communications around the world. We understand translating the written word such as documents, marketing material, websites, multimedia and videos. These are all part of the services we provide to you.

Translations are not just the conversion of words into another language. Our main goal is to maintain the essence of the message that is being projected from one language to the other. Only a human translator can double check and proof read the original and the translated message and decide what  is being sent is kept intact with the exact same meaning. 

Examples of our work

WEBSITES -We translated a large website for a service company in Houston, Texas.

MARKETING MATERIAL – Reviewed, translated and published all the marketing material for a large Bank in Plano Texas

LEGAL DOCUMENTS – Studied, translated and verified the translation of a large Employee Manual with our 3 step quality process

MEDICAL – Consultation and Translation of a medical office website in Plano Texas

GOVERNMENT – Translated into Spanish a Texas Law document that had to be perfectly translated for the State of Texas

OTHER CLIENTS – Churches, International Events NGO’s Sports Clubs