ASL – American Sign Language – Case Study



McKesson Pharmaceuticals, ranked 7th in the Fortune 500 list of companies with operations in the US and 16 countries around the world, 68,000 employees and  yearly revenues of $208 Billion is the oldest and largest healthcare company in the nation. McKesson serves more than 50% of U.S. hospitals and 20% of physicians.

In 2017 the company had its eyes on moving its world headquarters to North Texas. It was also launching an initiative to increase revenue and save costs of $300 million by the year 2021.

With a strategy in North Texas to use local businesses and high quality vendors, McKesson was looking for LSP (Language Services Providers) to help with its interpretations needs.

Ms. C. from McKesson Headquarters in San Francisco contacted Prof. Carlos Roncal, CEO and Founder of World Language Schools to ask for an interpretation project in the ASL (American Sign Language). Prof. Roncal gladly accepted the project and asked how she knew about World Language Schools. Ms. C stated that our name was referred by a highly recognized top law firm in Dallas that had used our language translation and interpretation services before.

The interpretation project consisted of providing ASL interpreters for meetings of the company at the Senior Level. In this case we provided not only one but two ASL interpreters for the meeting between McKesson’s CEO, Chairman of the Board and its stockholders. World Language Schools provided these services in 2017, 2018 and in July 2019. WLS is expected to provide these services in 2020 also.

World Language Schools is in the business of providing High Quality Language Services and has worked with top Law Firms, Banks, Manufacturing Companies, Construction Companies, and The State of Texas.

Our clients understand that we provide these high quality services and continue to rely on us, and to refer us to other clients, which we consider the highest compliment.

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