In this article I would like to mention 6 of the benefits of home schooling that I have experienced first hand.

This is my second year teaching Spanish at a Home School group in the Frisco area of North Texas. I previously taught K-12 at private and public schools in the classroom, and online as part of the online faculty at the University level. Currently I am still teaching and as the Director of World Language Schools I direct the work of teachers and students I feel qualified in this subject because of my extensive experience in education and business.  My undergraduate degree is in education and I have an advanced degree in International Business Administration. I have been teaching for the past 15 plus years.

Home schooling is big and a very important part of a good education path for students K-12 specially in North Texas.  The biggest advantages that I have seen for home schooling are as follows:

  1. Home Schooling lets the student advance at her or his rate:

This is the first and biggest advantage a student has. Students are advancing fast, slow or at a normal rate and they do not get bored, thus becoming a source of distraction for other students in the classroom. Class sizes are much smaller so the teacher has more time for personalized attention.

  1. Mom and Dad, are actively involved in the student’s education:

I have always encouraged my student’s parents to be actively involved. Students that have their parents involved perform at a higher level and get better grades.

  1. Students participate in creating their own schedule

I can tell that my students are proud of being directly responsible for setting their own paths of learning. They understand the importance of all the subjects they have to learn and master. I also noticed that the majority of my students have a clear understanding of where they want to be when they grow up and what careers they want to follow.

  1. Students get a variety of teaching styles and points of view from teachers:

Because they are partly taught by Dad or mom and subsequently exposed to other volunteer or experienced teachers, students can appreciate different points of view and have the ability to form their own conclusions and become active learners.


  1. Students become more respectful and appreciative of teachers:

This is a selfish benefit, but I appreciate the respect that my students have for me. As a young student in Bolivia, my native country, respect and conduct towards adults and teachers was paramount. We had to earn a grade for this “subject”. It is refreshing to see that this is still true in Home Schooling Groups.






  1. Grades and tests are important but not the only reason for learning:

I have also noticed and I persistently tell my students that grades and tests are important. But the ultimate test is the student’s own evaluation and feeling that he or she has learned the lessons, the concepts and the experiences of the subject. My students have learned to take responsibility for their own education.

As a parent, I believe your responsibility is to make the right choice of an education path for your children. You have 3 choices for your student, public education, private education, and home schooling education. Please make the right and well informed choice.

If you would like more information on this subject please contact me at carlos@world-languageschools.com or visit www.world-languageschools.com