(six secrets to learn ESL in 6 months)

Yes, there is a way to learn English-ESL in 6 months.

There are also six secrets, a method and a proven way to do this. In the

next paragraphs I will tell you such secrets and methods.


Secret 1

Learning English-ESL is easy for speakers of modern languages such as Spanish.  English is a cousin language to Spanish and other languages such as French Italian and Portuguese, because they have a common root in Latin, the language that the Romans spoke during the reign of the Roman Empire.


Secret 2

Cognates which are words that are similar in spelling and meaning in two languages are a way to learn vocabulary very fast. For example 30% of English words are cognates to Spanish, which means you already know and can learn these 30% very fast.


Secret 3

Concentrating in conversation, pronunciation and accent reduction is a very important key to learn ESL fast. The way to concentrate in this is to work with highly qualified teachers, coaches or facilitators that will emphasize the above before any grammar or fill in the blanks exercises. Of course, listening, speaking, reading and writing should be part of the curriculum.


Secret 4

Use high quality online learning tools that can make your learning proceed at your own pace.  These highly sophisticated CALL (Computer Aided Language Learning) software tools enhance and speed up students’ learning.


Secret 5

Make sure your learning has very clear objectives and goals for your six months of study. For example, if you are a nurse your objective should be to learn all the basic vocabulary and conversation for you to communicate with your patients and coworkers in your daily job at the clinic hospital or doctor’s office.



Secret 6

Your curriculum should be prepared specifically for you and should include lessons specific to your goal. This means that your teacher, Professor or coach should be aware of these. To meet these objectives your hours of study should be flexible but disciplined with a minimum of 1.5  hours of study per day and 30 minutes of using the vocabulary in your daily life. Making English a part of your daily life, by listening to the radio, music, and practicing with  native speakers will propel you to being a great communicator in the English language.

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Prof. Carlos Roncal is a native speaker of  Spanish and speaks fluent English, French and Portuguese,  he has been learning, teaching and speaking languages for the past 40 years.

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