How to pass the test in 5 steps

The TOEFL, “Test of English as a Foreign Language” is a standardized test that is administered to students whose native language is not English. Students will take this test in order to be admitted to about 8,300 institutions in 130 countries around the world.  If you want to study in the USA, Canada, Europe or any other country around the world where the University has courses in English, you will probably be required to take the TOEFL and to get a passing score or higher. Of course other requirements and tests are also required by each university depending on the program you take.

You will also be required to pass the SAT, or the ACT, have very good grades, have participated in extracurricular activities and submiteed letters of reference.

The TOEFL is administered via the internet in what is called the TOEFL-ibt. You can register for the test and attend the test at a testing center in your country of origin

This blog writing is about how to pass the TOEFL internet based test in 5 (five) steps

STEP 1. Have an assessment made by a language learning institution, tutor or qualified language school to determine if you are ready for the test.

IIf you are a beginner student of English it will be a waste of time to prepare, register or study for the test. I recommend you start preparing for the test when you have reached at least the intermediate level in an ESL-English as a Second Language program.

STEP 2. Prepare for the reading portion of the test by working with a tutor, a language school or a qualified language school. You can prepare via online preparation courses, or on your own if you are a disciplined and organized student. Reading out loud is the best form of reading for this preparation.

STEP 3. Listen to English language conversations, news broadcasts, songs, YouTube videos or other audio books. These activities will train your hearing and hone your understanding skills. If you are serious about the test, the best way is to have a coach, tutor or language learning school facilitate your preparation.

STEP 4. Immerse yourself in speaking the English language by seeking opportunities to practice your conversation. The speaking section of the test will be recorded by a recording device. This means your pronunciation will have to be very good in order for the recording device to capture your voice and for the grader to clearly understand your speech.

STEP 5. The writing section of the test is as important as all the other sections. By writing your well organized ideas and thoughts into perfect paragraphs you will be able to pass this section. Again the investment of your time and the time of a tutor will pay off handsomely when you pass this test and are on your way to studying in any of the 130 countries around the world.

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Prof. Carlos Roncal – School Principal