YES we are at war, a different kind of war and this is not the kind of war that the news media relishes on. In this world war we do not have young people dying or families being displaced. In this world war we do not have politicians giving orders from their ivory towers.
NO in this world war we have high emotions, suspense, drama, strength, skill, hugs, kicks, disagreements, players and lookers.
The players decide the lookers adjust. The players call the shots and the countries around the world celebrate and understand.
Very few times in our history do have have so many countries, so many cultures, so many languages meet, but not to shoot each other, but to celebrate life, to show emotion, to show love, understanding, comaraderie and maybe a few bruised sheens and deflated egos.   At the end we will all go to our different countries knowing that we can settle disputes in a civilized manner and in a soccer game. We will respect and admire winners and we will encourage the displaced. What a world war this is!!! Viva el futbol See More