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World Language Schools is an educational institution founded with one mission in mind, to serve the student of languages.

Carlos Roncal, President

World Language Schools is an e-learning and online language school with students in different parts of the world. With over 10 years teaching, learning and using different e-learning and online platforms such as the OLS system of the University of Phoenix, Adobe Connect, Sharepoint and Wiziq, we can give you the best state of the art distance learning experience. Our students only need a good internet connection of at least 5 gigabites, a web camera, and a set of headphones and microphone.

If you would like in the classroom lessons we currently have brick and mortar language centers in Dallas Texas and in Medellin Colombia.

We are a student focused organization whereby our main objective is to prepare students to become bilingual professionals and bilingual communicators.

We accomplish these set of objectives by preparing language curriculum that is specifically geared to meeting the goals of the student, the individual or your organization.