About our Teachers

Eunice S.

Director  ESL-English as a Second Language Program

Ms.  Eunice S. is an experienced ESL  professional, author and educator. She has taught in Indonesia, Korea, China and New Zealand.  She has currently brought her many years teaching experience to World Language Schools in Frisco, Texas.   Eunice has a Master of Educational Leadership Degree with Honor from the Waikato University  in New Zealand, a BA Degree in TEFL from Satya Wacana Christian University in Indonesia and Secondary Teaching Certification for Bethlehem College in Tauranga, New Zealand.   Eunice is bilingual in English and Indonesian.  She also speak Malaysian, Javanese Languages and some basic Chinese.   

Other than teaching, Eunice also had an experience as an Executive Assistant for the US Agency for International Development in Jakarta, Indonesia, as a Director of International Students in several school and was actively involved in many non-profit organisation.   In addition, Eunice wrote and published two books:   Teaching English through Popular Songs and Learn while you smile, said Prof. Carlos A. Roncal, Founder & CEO, World Language Schools

Motola P.

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Hello! My name is Motola and I graduated cum laude with two Bachelors degrees in Spanish Language and Public Relations from Texas Tech University! My Spanish degree involved grammar, history and business studies. During my time at TTU, I lived, worked and studied in Spain gaining international experience in the Spanish language. There, is where I cultivated a deep love and passion for this language.

While living in Granada, Spain, I worked at a bilingual children’s school as an assistant teacher. We conducted the class with both Spanish and some English lessons. During my time at TTU I worked with Upward Bound, a program for first generation high school students (those whose parents do not have a college education), as a mentor and Spanish/english tutor. I was one of the Spanish teachers for the Upward Bound summer program and tutored students throughout the year. In this program, I also conducted bilingual presentations to native Spanish speakers and translated documents.

In this diverse and changing society, it is important that students learn a different language; and in Texas, it is even more important that students learn Spanish. My goal for each student is that they would not just be able to pass their Spanish tests or quizzes, but that they would become bilingual and have a competitive edge in our diverse society.

I believe that to learn a language, one must be immersed (in some way) in that language. That is why I will use avenues such as songs, books, articles, movies, etc. to help students grasp the depth of the Spanish Language. This also makes something that is seen as difficult into something exciting and fun! You can reach me at Motola@world-languageschools.com

Rita Z

I have over 8 years of experience teaching in China as a Corporate HR Trainer.  My teaching philosophy emphasizes making students forget they’re in a classroom environment. I do this by using a natural, fun and relaxed style.  Students will dynamically learn Mandarin by playing games, listening to songs, painting, and watching movies.

I am now teaching Mandarin Chinese at a Montessori School for World Language Schools

Satako Neese. Director Japanese Language Program  

Satako “Sako” Neese is originally from Tokyo, Japan, and has been living in the US for the past 23 years.  She majored in Spanish and Art from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor and studied abroad in Mexico and Venezuela.  Later she did her postgraduate studies in curriculum writing at the University of North Texas.  She taught 1st through 5th grade in the Dallas Japanese School and bilingual (Spanish and English) 4th grade in Temple ISD.  Currently she teaches and writes curriculum for Japanese Level 1 and 2, AVID, and the Gifted and Talented Program. She is also the department chair for Languages Other than English.  With 18 years of teaching experience, Sako brings excellence and knowledge to the classroom along with practical application and flexibility for diverse student needs.

Ms. Olga Ermakova – Director of Russian Studies  – Russian Instructor, interpreter, translator

Ms. Olga Ermakova is an experienced multi language consultant professional, author and educator. She has worked with  corporate and individual clients in creating Russian language learning programs. A native Russian, with work experience in the USA for over 22 years, has an MBA from Iowa State University and an M.S./B.A. degree from Moscow State University and is a certified English-Russian interpreter/translator.

Olga is bilingual in English and Russian, she has also studied the French, Spanish and Croatian languages.

Olga worked on several cross-cultural projects and initiatives for the US Agency for International Development, the US Information Agency, World Bank, Monsanto Corporation, Iowa International Development Foundation and Legislative Council, and School of Agricultural Banking, Credit and Finance. Olga has an extensive knowledge of corporate, industrial and agribusiness terminology which she used to  author the English-Russian Agricultural Dictionary and Phrase book.

With the addition of Olga we are now teaching to students that wish to learn Russian for travel, business or for an international career, said Prof. Carlos A. Roncal, Founder & CEO, World Language Schools

Please contact Olga at Olga@world-languageschools.com

Luis Santiago S. English as a Second Language Instructor –

Luis Santiago Salinas is an ESL teacher, a budding entrepreneur and Innovation Technologist. He is fluent in English, and Spanish and maintains a growing level of fluency in Russian and French. He hopes to see the world while helping us grow our company and has already seen South America and Europe as part of his experiences.

Kim Jacobs – Certified English ESL teacher 

My name is Kim Jacobs and I grew up in Ohio and attended Dublin High School where I was involved in Spanish and French Clubs. I had a passion early on to learn languages and it all started with Spanish. I excelled in both Spanish and French and earned a language scholarship for college. I attended Bowling Green State University and lived in La Maison Francaise for two years where I was immersed in the French language and culture. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Education and began my teaching career in Ohio. After school, I privately tutored students in both French and Spanish. I later married and moved to Dallas, where I enrolled in continuing education Spanish classes at North Lake College and began teaching Spanish at The Winston School. I sponsored cultural Fridays in order to enhance learning about food and customs of the Spanish culture, which I am also very passionate about. In addition, I scheduled lunch events at local restaurants to allow the students to an opportunity to practice speaking the Spanish language.

A few years later, my husband and I decided to start a family and I took a break from teaching full-time, staying home with my two wonderful children. While raising my children, I worked as a substitute teacher in the Carrollton-Farmers Branch School District in many different courses, including ESL. I later took a full-time teaching position at The North Hills School in Las Colinas.

In 2008, our family moved to Frisco, Texas where I substituted regularly, short and long-term assignments, for a few Spanish teachers in the Frisco ISD. I encouraged my daughters to learn Spanish as a first foreign language and inspired our oldest daughter to become a Spanish major. In May 2015, she will be graduating from The University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor of Science in Spanish and Latin American Studies as a minor and pursue teacher certification to fulfill her dream of becoming a teacher.

I LOVE the Spanish language, culture and people. I also LOVE teaching and meeting new people. I am enthusiastic, passionate, goal-oriented and positive minded. My objective is to motivate, inspire and encourage students to learn. I look forward to meeting and working with you!